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Parthiv Gohil is a playback singer for Indian films like Devdas, Saawariya, Saheb,Biwi Aur Gangster,Kissan and many others. Parthiv travels around the world with his band of musicians weaving musical dreams.

He can take you on quite a dazzling musical trip. From a soulful ghazal to a super energized folk number; from a velvety Bollywood song to a flawless rendering of an Indian classical raga – versatility is his second name. Parthiv Gohil, a young and immensely talented singer, is as good as music personified. He sings, performs, composes and conceptualizes; he tames the melody like a master.

The Conceptualizer

Any art requires vision, conviction and a thorough understanding of the medium. All these three virtues merge together and fit like the perfectly joined pieces of a puzzle in Parthiv Gohil. "I am absolutely clear in my mind when it comes to conceptualizing music shows or events. Music is a soulful experience; that's what I want the music lovers to feel irrespective of the genre of my show or event.

The Singer

He adapts his voice to different genres of compositions quite effortlessly. Be it a classical track, a foot tapping Indi-pop tune, a mushy romantic number or more - his singing comes from his soul and you can feel it when you hear it. He is gifted with a great range – right from the lowest note to the highest, his voice maintains the same crispness and clarity throughout.

The Performer

He mesmerizes his audience with the oneness he strikes with his music while he performs. That oneness is naturally transcended to his audience, leaving them drenched with an intense musical experience. "Music is a form of boundless energy. The energy that I like to share with my audience by making a soul to soul connection with them when I perform." says Gohil.

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Yoon Shabnami – Saawariya

Aao Na Gale Lagao Na

O re Piya by Parthiv Gohil

Tari Aakh no Aafini

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